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Elite Solutions for On-Site Venous Ultrasound Training, Consulting and Diagnostics


And thank you for visiting Advanced Ultrasound Consultants.  Advanced Ultrasound Consultants is dedicated to the advancement of comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound with a INTENSE focus on venous insufficiency and ultrasound guided vein therapy procedures.


A Word about Phlebology Ultrasound

Ultrasound in the phlebology practice cannot be understated.  It is the driving force behind the practice, not only in the scope of patient care but also in the reputation of the practice and revenue which sustains it.

The term "mapping" for venous disease/reflux is a "four letter word". An in-depth, detailed venous reflux duplex exam is not a mere "mapping" of a few clinically visible veins, but a detailed and complex evaluation of the size, function and anatomical presentation/evaluation of the intricate venous system that allows the treating physician to formulate a thorough plan of care that best suits each patient.

A complete and thorough venous duplex evaluation not only includes the deep and superficial systems, but also the medial, lateral, posterior thigh/calf perforating veins and veins not commonly identified. It is simply not enough to treat the Great Saphenous or Small Saphenous vein and assume the associated perforator(s) will close on their own. Chances are, over time the patent perforator will cause the treatment to fail, the pathology and symptoms to reappear, and the patient to be dissatisfied!  If you are not familiar with the cranial extension (vein of Giacomini), "lateral subdermal venous system", "indirect perforators and/or re-entry perforators",etc. chances are you are not completely evaluating the lower extremities. If that is the case, Advanced Ultrasound Consultants can assist you with training!


Advanced Ultrasound Consultants provides detailed venous insufficiency ultrasound exams and comprehensive assistance and training with ultrasound guided vein therapy procedures (Radiofrequency and Laser thermoablation, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy) to physicians that are incorporating vein therapy into their practice. From setting up the case, including sterile preparation of the patient and table set-up, Advanced Ultrasound Consultants strives to optimize physician time to minimize down-time and increase revenue.

In addition, Advanced Ultrasound Consultants provides detailed consulting & training services locally as well as nationally to physicians, sonographers and other practitioners involved in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. 
The venous ultrasound training workshop is conducted on-site and at your facility. The training includes both didactic and hands-on, with the emphasis on evaluating, diagnosing, treatment options, and detailed scanning/evaluation of venous insufficiency in the deep, superficial, perforating and varicose veins.  The workshop is targeted to physicians, sonographers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Participants earn 11.0 CMEs upon completion of the workshop.

Please take your time in visiting this informative web-site and again, Thank you!


Doug Marcum, President, Advanced Ultrasound Consultants

Ultrasound assisted thermoablation (EVLT) vein closure

Duplex evaluation of a patient standing "challenges" the vein valves