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I would like to thank you for your excellent training.  Our team (of 8 sonographers) was very impressed with your extensive training material and teaching style.  Our doctor was also impressed with your knowledge of venous anatomy and pathology.  I wish you the best and hope we will see you the next time we are in Orlando.

Best Regards,

Scott Hill RDCS,RVT


Wilmington, NC 



 I Can't thank Doug enough for the personalized training I received.  It was much more efficient than sitting through a long class.  It was an excellent workshop and the tips and critique were very insightful.  I highly recommend Doug for training a team of many to any number!  Thank you so much for making me feel confident to perform the [venous insufficiency] reflux exams.

Best Regards,
Jennifer Stevens RDCS



When Columbia St. Mary’s looked at growing our Vascular Institute (incorporating phlebology ultrasound), we turned to Advanced Ultrasound Consultants, specifically Doug Marcum. With his knowledge, expertise, and hands-on instruction, he was able to train three ultrasound technologists on performing venous insufficiency studies proficiently. It was wonderful for us to have Doug come to our facility to train our staff on their own familiar equipment and at a fraction of the cost it would have been to send them to a weekend seminar. Doug is professional and personable which made the whole experience fantastic. To this day we still use Doug as a resource and our venous volume has doubled! Thank you Doug!

Tiffany Wachowiak, BSN, RN

CSM Vascular Institute Coordinator

Milwaukee, Wisconsin



I have to say this was the most professional, informative training session I have ever had.  From the basics all the way through to the actual scan time, I felt Doug was was just outstanding! 

I feel I learned more in ONE day than I could have at an all weekend workshop! 

Thanks for everything Doug!!


Todd O'Brien, RVT, RDCS

Cardiology Consultants of Southwest Florida



When our radiologists mentioned that they wanted ultrasound technologists trained to perform venous insufficiency exams and needed this accomplished in a short period of time, I immediately started researching the training opportunities.  Most were courses at extremely high cost, far from our location and not in the time period we had to get this done.  So when I saw Doug's website and began our discussions, I knew I had discovered a solution that met our needs.  It was of great advantage to have the staff train at our own facility, on our own equipment, at a time that fit our staffs needs, and at a reasonable cost for FOUR technologists.  Doug's expertise and professionalism were greatly appreciated and its and extra bonus to know we can contact you as a resource in the future!  THANK YOU!

Sharon Watson

Radiology Manager

Hennepin County Medical Center

Minneapolis, MN



I am extremely greatful to have had the pleasure in working one-on-one with Doug Marcum.  Passing the R.V.T. boards was one thing, but trying to establish the confidence in venous insufficiency and vein therapy was an entirely foreign concept to me.  After spending the day with Doug, I felt so confident in what what I was doing!  The workshop/education was extremely valuable, and the way in which it was presented was organized and professional.  Every minute was outlined and everything outlined was thoroughly explained.  I look forward to carrying this knowledge with me for the duration of my career.  Thank you to Doug and Advanced Ultrasound Consultants for providing me with one of the best training tools I have ever come across!


Leah Neuwirth, RDMS, RVT

Bradenton, FL



Ultrasound guided percutaneous vein therapies have revolutionized the treatment of symptomatic varicose veins and venous insufficiency.  After 6 years and over 2500 radiofrequency ablation cases, I can safely say the most important aspect of my vein practice is ultrasonography.  It is essential to perform accurate venous reflux diagnostic testing.  Percutaneous techniques have also created a new breed of RVT, the ‘interventional sonographer’.  The sonographer now must work in a clinical setting providing the guidance for the operator’s intervention.  This requires the sonographer to enter into a unique relationship with the practitioner and the patient.  (S)He needs to become comfortable with working in this procedure oriented environment.


Doug Marcum and AUC offer services that cannot be duplicated.  Doug is the most talented sonographer I have ever worked with in my 13 years as a vascular surgeon.  He is personable and unflappable in stressful situations.  He possesses a sophisticated working knowledge of vascular anatomy and physiology and makes vein interventions simple.  His sonographic "three dimensional brain" complements my skills well.  He clearly has skills that I cannot duplicate.  My vein practice thrives in great part because of Doug’s talent.  


Over the years I have witnessed Doug’s abilities as an educator and speaker.  His knowledge is effectively and naturally conveyed to students at all levels.  His experience is invaluable and anyone seeking his assistance would easily be better prepared having done so.

John D. Horowitz M.D.

Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center



We Have a VERY busy vascular surgery practice and although we have multiple years of experience in vein therapy treatment, our RVTs have a vast variety of training, experience and understanding.  After hearing good things about Doug and Advanced Ultrasound Consultants, we decided to have him visit us and bring all of us to the same level of understanding (as well as earn CMEs!).  Our practice as a whole benefited from his training.  His approach was "painless" and very enjoyable as well as extremely informative and exceptionally prepared!  Doug was more than happy to answer many different questions our physician had for him and helped us to solve some issues we had been experiencing.  Thanks, Doug, for your assistance!  I can wholeheartedly recommend your training for even those veteran sonographers who just want to hone their skills or keep abreast of current venous solutions.

Paul Graham, RVT

Technical Director

Delaware Bay Surgical Service

Lewes, DE  (2/13/2012)

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Mr. Doug Marcum and Advanced Ultrasound Consultants for nearly five years.  During this time Mr. Marcum has proven himself to be an extremely valuable asset to my vascular practice. His expert knowledge of venous anatomy and pathophysiology, as well as his expertise in ultrasound technique truly makes him invaluable.

When assisting with ultrasound-guided procedures such as EVLT and Sclerotherapy, his technical abilities excel and he makes the cases run more efficiently.  His easy going manner and professional demeanor gives him excellent rapport with my patients, which also allows the procedure to run smoothly and remain enjoyable.

Overall, I can without hesitation recommend Mr. Marcum and Advanced Ultrasound Consultants as an excellent resource to any vascular/vein practice.  It is truly a pleasure to work with Mr. Marcum

Alan Keller M.D., F.A.C.S.

Central Florida Vein and Laser Center



"You have taught us a lot! The training helped us to treat several perforators which in turn cured chronic, non-healing ulcers.  We thank you very much! We highly recommend your training to any any serious phlebology practice. Investment made on training paid off in terms of money, patient outcome and satisfaction"

Kishore Arcot, MD., FACS
Memphis Vein Center

Memphis, TN


When I decided to add vein therapy into my vascular surgery practice, I knew it would be challenging.  Fortunately, I made the decision to consult with Advanced Ultrasound Consultants and Doug Marcum.  The first thing Doug did for me was to assist me in purchasing an ultrasound system that suited my needs.  Not only did I purchase an excellent system, I got it at a fraction of what I would have spent if I purchased a new system. 

Doug also refined the scanning protocols in my lab to include detailed superficial vein and perforator incompetence studies.  His knowledge of the venous system and pathophysiology is second to none and paramount in treating venous disease.  Doug also assisted and guided me in performing Laser and Radiofrequency thermoablation cases and without hesitation I have to say his techniques and scanning abilities in these procedures are phenomenal.  Many times, with ultrasound guidance, he incorporated subtle directional manipulations and maneuvers to help advance the treating catheter or fiber when I felt we were “stuck” in a difficult vein segment.

In closing, I have worked with Doug for the past 2 years and I highly recommend Doug Marcum and Advanced Ultrasound Consultants to any practice wishing to incorporate vein therapy or those wishing to hone their scanning/insufficiency skills.

Gregory L. Nedurian, M.D.

Peripheral and Endovascular Surgery

Lakeland, FL.



It has been a pleasure working with Doug Marcum from Advanced Ultrasound Consultants.  He is not only very professional but his knowledge of venous anatomy and ultrasonography is second to none.  Doug has spent a day in my office instructing my RVT and myself on ultrasonic visualization for ablation of incompetent perforating veins. His crystal clear approach has allowed me to become quite comfortable with the appoach in a short period of time.

Doug fulfilled every one of my expectations and more. I would recommend him without reservation.

Joseph Schiro, MD., FACS
Sarasota, FL

"Doug was VERY helpful and answered all of my questions effectively.  I was very pleased with the hands-on experience and the program as a whole."

"Doug was very informative, He presented things on our level that we previously had difficulty understanding.  When it comes to instruction on scanning for venous insufficiency and perforators, I highly recommend Doug!"

Daphne Collins RT(R), RDMS
Sarah Parker RT(R), RDMS
Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center
Amory, Mississippi

"Thanks so much for coming to teach us earlier this month. It was great from all possible angles.

We learned a lot, and are busy putting it to use. Thanks for your willingness to come back at a later time." 


Juhana Karha MD, FACC

Austin Vein Center / Austin Heart Group

Austin, TX



Advanced Ultrasound Consultants is a superior ultrasound group.  They are knowledgeable, compassionate, organized and the most qualified ultrasonographers in Florida.  I have the opportunity to work with ultrasonographers at many facilities around the southern United States and hands down this group is the most complete package.  I would recommend them at highest regards to any group or specialty that would need ultrasounds performed at their office. 

On a personal basis, I started my venous and laser therapy program three years ago.  I came in “green” to the whole process of vein treatment and management.  With Advanced Ultrasound Consultants, especially Doug Marcum, we took a program in infancy to a facility that houses and teaches doctors, consultants, product representatives from around the country and the world.  We now perform around three hundred laser procedures a year and perform ultrasounds well over a thousand a year.  We are now “State of the Art.”

Please do not hesitate to call, Doug or Advanced Ultrasound Consultants, at any time for questions, services, consulting, etc.  You will not be disappointed at any moment with their professional approach to ultrasound imaging and guidance.


T.C. Lackey, II DO

Florida Lakes Surgical

Sebring, FL